Weight control equipment and labeling equipment

An integral part of production is the process of product identification and labeling, as well as protection against various kinds of foreign bodies and ensuring the nominal weight indicated on the manufacturer`s packaging.

Our section is devoted to all this.

X RAY detectors
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Foreign body detector for quality control of packaged goods using X-Ray (X-ray) technology

Ease of installation and maintenance, ease of use
The easy way to x-ray!
Detects metal, glass, stone, plastic, and other foreign bodies
A complex package of algorithms
Acoustic and optical signaling.
Individual alarms that can be configured: such as fault, warning, detector test, etc.

High quality low wear components
Hygienic design
Integration compactness

Labeling equipment
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Label applicators are designed for use on stationary packaging or on moving film of various types of labels at high speed.

Technical data:

• Marking speed up to 50 m/min
• Label working width up to 160 mm

Construct details:

Label applicators can either be a separate device or integrated as an integral part of the device. Possibility to apply the label on any type of surface (glass, film, paper, plastic, metal, etc.).

Contact marking equipment
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Thermal transfer printers


Thermal and thermal transfer printers are designed to print a variety of information on stationary packaging or on a moving film at high speeds, with high resolution.
Thermal transfer printers can print business logos, barcodes, and more.

Design features:

High quality materials construction, CE, FDA-HACCP compliant.

Other technical data:

• Consumables: thermosetting tape of different colors and types
• Power supply: 90-264 V with automatic switching; Frequency 47/63 Hz; Power 150 VA
• Air connection: 6 bar / 90 psi.
• Air consumption: • reduced to 0.4 ml / cycle pressure 2.5 bar
• Operating temperature range: 0-40 ° C
• Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing

Non-contact marking equipment
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Non-contact marking devices are designed to mark a product or its container without contact with it or
its containe. Types of non-contact marking devices:
1. Current of ink or drops
2. Laser

Other technical data:

• Marking speed up to 6 m/s
• Signboard height 1.25 – 70 mm
• Caption text up to 8 lines
• Ability to label any type of surface (glass, film, paper, plastic, metal, etc.).

Metal detector equipment (Metaldetectors)
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Metal particle detection equipment is designed to detect and remove metal residues, chips and other metal parts that accidentally ended up in the inner and / or product packaging of the product during production, packaging. These devices can detect all metals (stainless steel, iron, non-ferrous metal products and their packaging).

The sensitivity of the metal detector is controlled, selected and differs for each industry.

Control equipment manufactured in accordance with CE requirements and in accordance with FDA- HACCP standards.

Weight control equipment
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Weight control equipment to detect and eliminate inappropriate quality standards in the production

Suitable for weighing “flow-pack”, “pillow-pack”, “stabilo” and other types of packages, tubes, bottles, boxes.

The performance of the weight control equipment may vary depending on the size and shape of the packages, methods of removing the non-compliant specimen.

Construct preferences:
• device parts are made of stainless steel. steel;
• protection level — IP65;
• construction complies with CE, FDA-HACCP standards.