Production of mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces

Mayonnaise is a cold sauce made from vegetable oils, egg yolks, vinegar and/or lemon juice, sugar, salt, mustard, and sometimes other spices.

The well-known product was first produced on the island of Menorca in Mahon and is called salsa mahonesa (mahon sauce). The industrial production of mayonnaise has the usual recipe, but uses refined oil, as well as milk and eggs, egg and milk powder.

Today, many sauces with different ingredients are made on the basis of mayonnaise.


Ketchup is also a sauce whose main ingredients are tomatoes, vinegar, sugar and seasonings (salt, red and black pepper, etc.). A modified recipe for ketchup, which is now widespread, appeared in the 20th century. early in the United States after a long debate about the need to use sodium benzoate as a preservative. Manufacturers made ketchup from thick tomato paste obtained by evaporating it in a vacuum without heating.

The paste can be stored for a long time at room temperature.

Generally, ketchup can be divided into Western, English and Chinese. In Western Europe, ketchup is made without sugar. English ketchup is high in sugar, as are onions and celery. The Chinese add cinnamon and a lot of vinegar to the composition of ketchup.

The initial investment required to start a business in the production of ketchup and mayonnaise will be significantly lower than that required in other areas of the food industry. After producing and selling more than 30 tons of produce per month, the business will pay for itself in less than a few years.

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